Available for Boat Building Classes

I have taught several classes that include building skiffs, prams,and a dory now and then. We begin with a discussion of boat shapes and construction techniques, then jump right in. This is a real hands-on process that covers epoxy techniques and fiberglass sheathing as well as the use of traditional hand tools such as draw knife, spoke shave, and radius plane. These are tools that were typically found in the ships carpenter's tool kit in the 1900's.

I like to keep classes to five people or fewer in order to keep the instruction personal and effective. Tuition covers instruction costs and the materials for one boat. If a student wishes to purchase that boat, a price will be negotiated. The purpose after all is to give the student the skills and confidence to build his or her own boat. To that end, a skiff contains all the elements of plank-on-frame construction including stem, transom, framing and fairing.

Classes usually last about six weeks and end with a launch celebration at a local lake. . Young people are welcome to participate with a parent for one tuition fee. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 12 years of age.

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