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This is an old 34 foot Chris-Craft Constellation. The boat is not in terrible shape, but sitting in the Arizona desert for nearly a year hasn't helped. Check out the project as I explain the current work.
March, 2006
This frame allows better access to the bottom. You can see the shrinkage in the hull from the dry desert climate.
The top of the frame structure will serve as scaffolding to help me work just below the sheer and the deck.

Now I have a safe frame to work on and under.

Now it is time to start tearing off the rotted planks.

Week of April 17, 2006
With the plank removed, I see some of the frames need additional gussetting.
There is more of the same on the other side of the boat.
A new chine rail is positioned temporary to allow refitting of the plank above.
In this photo you can see the rusty bleed through from the starboard engine above. Planks will be removed and replaced.

Week of May 15, 2006

Epoxy can be used in two ways as an adhesive or as a coating.

Some of the components being replaced will simply be coated and fastened with screws and 3M 5200 adhesive caulk.

Other componants will be bonded with a thickened epoxy adhesive and will be structural.

The rusty planks have been removed and the plywood above will be cut away and replaced as well.
Blocking for quarter inch bilge liner is double coated with epoxy and ready for installation.
Wooden boat construction can be thought of in two ways. A handful of 2x4's nailed or screwed together will float as a single unit until the fasteners rust away. Or a handful of 2x4's glued together with epoxy and hollowed out will float until the adhesive fails! A craft combining both methods should be long lived. Epoxy coating should discourage marine parasites. An epoxy adhesive should create a rigid, solid structure. Our plan is to make the appropriate repairs to the hull and add a double diagonal planking set in epoxy adhesive to create a rigid, watertight one-piece hull below the water line. This method is called cold molding
Rotten planking next to keel has been cut away and will be replaced.
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