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The weather is cooler and now I can begin to apply the new planking.

The first layer of diagonal planking is being fit and applied.
Through hull fittings are being replaced. New planking surround replaced rotten planks.

Here you can see the original planking stripped and ready for strip planking.

Through hole fittings don't come out happily!

Here you can see the second layer fit in place and ready for gluing.

The brown patches are fairing compound used to prep for the next layer of strip planking.

January- The weather is now cool enough to begin culking and gluing.

Here you can see the clamps are holding everthing in place while the 3M5200 set sup.It takes about a week!
All the blue is being sanded off in preperation of planking.
Here we have bronze threaded rods pulling the bottom planking tight to the transom framing. The transom was pretty loose and I used plenty of 3M5200 to water proof and help tighten everthing up.

Also happening this month is the refinishing of a teak swimming platform for the boat. This one was pretty discolored and ugly.

So I began with a good sanding. Then I used a litle water-proof glue in the joints that seemed to be cracked. I sanded over them while it was still wet. That seems to make a good water-proof putty. I routered the sharp edges