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Here we can see both layers of the double diagonal planking faired and ready for a base coat of epoxy.
Here we can see all the exhaust and through the hull fittings removed to fit the next plank in the transom.
Simon is fitting new supports in the cradle to compensate for new planking.


These counter rotating propellers will be used for maneuvering purposes as well as propulsion. My understanding is that one velvet drive has linkage arranged to run reverse, enabling the blades to be counter rotational.

Port side blade
Starboard blade.

November, 2007

This is the side planking forward and above the waterline. the planks have been caulked, wood has a single coat of epoxy and the hand is just there for scale!

.Here you can see all the screw hole filled epoxy putty.

Here you can clearly see the rotten wood around rudder post.
The rudder linkage is fairly rusted but will be removed to repair the wood below.

As of December, 2007

Boat was shipped back to owner in Indiana.