This is a post WWII plywood /fiberglass mini-cruiser called the Fair ships.
"Glassmaster " Sam gets a first look at the old boat and considers the necessary fiberglass repairs.
The motor is a Crosley engine originally used in the Crosley automobiles. The engine is quite small and remarkably lightweight!

The engine cover will need to be rebuilt.

The plan of attack is to remove the engine, shaft and rudder along with the windshield and cabin rails. The next step will be to repair rotten framing and plywood.

This will allow Sam a clean palette for fiberglass and paint.

While Sam is doing that, I will be stripping and refinishing the loose woodwork and repairing the trailer.

Every attempt will be made to save the orginal decal as a sign of respect to Vern. (written in black here)
In these two photos you can see the v-drive running gear. In the right photo is a closeup of this tiny little motor.
It looks like someone is spending way too much time surfing the Internet! Lucky for us! Thanks Rick.