Boat Classes

Chico-12 ft. skiff

14 ft. Little Gem

Nes Perce

19 ft. cabin version

norwegian pram


Chris-Craft Repairs

Conqeror 1

34 foot Chris-Craft Constellation

Fairship Project
Cradle Boat

Motion pictures and television customers include:

Recent Work Includes:


The Postman
Defenders of
Wild Life Posse

Welcome to my web site. I'm Ray Vosper. After years of a career in woodworking I finally can work full time at a hobby I love-boat building.

Explore some of my recent projects as I try to explain some of the problems and fixes I encountered. And take a look at some of my recent class projects where anyone can make a boat dream come true.

Can't help steering beginners to other sites that I admire or have products I've used over the years. So be sure to take a look at my Links page.Any questions can be address to me through

Tank Girl
Universal Studios
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Disney Studios
Whenever I can get enough boat lovers together, I'm doing classes. Usually we build small fishing skiffs. Talk about small! Check out my new granddaughter's cradle.

These two sisters show off their project. Boat class at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Special education students repair a boat for a summer community project sponsored by the city of Tucson.
Finished boats from a week-end class

A resort asked me to refurbish this boat at Jeff's Pirates Cove on Guam.

Spent a year being it back to a new life.

This boat has already crossed the ocean and comes out of retirement for festivals.