Nes Perce 19

This boat can be built as a center console, as a cabin skiff or an open utility boat. Evan is building the cabin version. This is his second build. Gordon is assisting as a student.

Ready to install intermediate frames.
The transom notch will mount a motor well.
Gordon is cutting a part to fit.
Here the chines are installed.
The bottom of the boat is attached
The first layer of fiberglass is applied to the bottom.. Gordon looks for the bubbles.
The fellas got the bottom done then the economy's bottom fell and the boat was put on hold. Evan still had to start the cabin but the summer heat shortened the work time and we were working only on Sunday afternoons. But now it is Fall and the cabin's interior is nearly finished and most of the sanding and varnishing has been down. Now it just needs finishing touches.

Boat Classes

Chico-12 ft. skiff

14 ft. Little Gem

Nes Perce

19 ft. cabin version

norwegian pram


Chris-Craft Repairs

Conqeror 1

34 foot Chris-Craft Constellation

Fairship Project
Cradle Boat
The side rails are ready for install and the inside floor and finishing items in the cabin await our attention.
Believe or not it now June 2014 and Even and Ray have this boat finished! They have spent many Sunday mornings working on this project as both found their lives getting gcrowded with other things. But now both are beaming with pride and joy. Here are the pictures of the two boat builders as they put it in the water for the first time.
Inside view.Needs cushions and decorations guys!
Evan has the boat of his dreams and it floats!!!!! Now both he and Ray can go fishing overnight just as they talked about this past two years.
Please beyond belief they prepare to take it home!